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77 Were Street
Brighton, VIC, 3186

03 9592 2397


The Son of God

When the fullness of time was come,
you sent your Son to be born of Mary.
Bright image of your glory,
he learnt obedience to you in all things,
even to death on a cross,
breaking the power of evil,
freeing us from sin,
and putting death to flight.
You raised him from death,
exalting him to glory,
and the new day dawned.
— ‘A Prayer of Thanksgiving’, A Prayer Book for Australia

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the true ‘Word of God’. In his life, death and resurrection, he has revealed the truth about humanity and about God. He died to reconcile us to our maker and rose again to bring hope to the world. At Saint Peter’s, all are welcomed into relationship with him. Baptism is our entry into Jesus Christ and the kingdom of heaven. In the eucharist, our new life in Jesus Christ and in the kingdom of heaven is nourished and sustained.

Mary by the empty tomb

Mary by the empty tomb