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The preaching at Saint Peter’s aims to strengthen and deepen the faith of the congregation by reflecting upon on one or more of the weekly lectionary texts, as well as a range of other theological and literary sources and personal stories. It finds its focus in Jesus Christ, the Son of God: incarnate in our world, crucified for our sake, risen to new life and ascended into Glory. Key sources for preaching in 2018 include Pope Francis, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Sacred Space, 'Texts for preaching' by Brueggemann, Cousar, Gaventa and Newsmen, and Mark O'Brien.

To read a sermon preached at Saint Peter’s, simply click on the links below.


Year C 2019


Pentecost 12 Humble house

Pentecost 11 Jesus Christ is the eternal flame

Pentecost 9 Do not be afraid, little flock

Pentecost 8 Rich Toward God

Mission Sunday To Make the Word of God Fully Known

Pentecost 5 The Good Samaritan (Fr Roger Wood)

Pentecost 2 For you are all one in Jesus Christ

Pentecost Our vision and mission

To make the Word of God fully known


Ascension Look up at the Son of Man lifted up

Easter 4 Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me, more than these?

Easter 3 Do you love me more than these?

Easter Day The Resurrection of the Son of God


Good Friday Sermon by Revd Chester Lord

Maundy Thursday The Passion of Christ

Sunday of the Passion (Palm Sunday) The Justice and Love of God

Lent 5 The fox and the hen

Lent 4 In the footsteps of Jesus

Lent 3 When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?

Lent 2 Are you happy in this modern world?

Lent 1 The Soul of our Church has been grievously wounded from the evil of sexual abuse

Ash Wednesday Know where you are going and be on your way


Epiphany 7 Love your enemies

Epiphany 6 The Upside Down Kingdom of God

The Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Epiphany 2 The homeless mind (the heart is restless)

Baptism of our Lord


Christmas A Christmas Message - ‘Freedom’


Advent 2 The Kingdom of God

Advent 1 Hold to Christ, and for the rest be uncommitted

Year B 2018


Christ the King My kingdom is not from this world

All Saints’ Day Human action is divine action

Pentecost 23 Let there be light

Pentecost 22 The Righteous Will of God

Pentecost 21 For this Reason

Pentecost 20 The Ransom for Many

Pentecost 16 O Sing a New Song to the Lord

Pentecost 14 See, I am making all things new

Pentecost 13 A better man

Pentecost 12 The Supper of the Lamb

Pentecost 11 The Lord is king let the earth rejoice

Pentecost 10 Love Bade Me Welcome

Pentecost 9 Over the house, heavenward

Pentecost 8 The Lord of the Dance, by Roger Wood

Pentecost 6 Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord

Pentecost 5 The love of God - On Christian leadership

Pentecost 3 Lament as a means of grace

Holy Trinity Sunday Out of the Depths I cry to you


Easter 7 A Time to Love - To Preach and to Protect

Easter 6 Christian hope gives wings to love

Easter 5 God is love

Easter 4 Through locked doors, Jesus comes (Part II)

Easter 3 Life in all its Fulness

Easter 2 Through locked doors, Jesus comes

Easter Day The Victory of God

Lent, Holy Week and Passiontide

Good Friday Prisoners released upon a larger world

Passion (Palm) Sunday Humble and riding on a donkey

Lent 4 The Son of Man lifted up

Lent 3 Now therefore, O kings of the earth, be warned

Lent 2 The call to discipleship

Christmas and Epiphany

Epiphany 3 We are Fishers of People

Epiphany 2 He's not safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you

Baptism of the Lord The Voice of the Lord is upon the Waters

Christmas 1 The Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas Sermon

Christmas Thank you God for what you did for me


Advent 3 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

Advent 1 The Joy of the Gospel

Year A 2017


Christ the King The world doesn't have the final say

Pentecost 24 Let down your nets for a catch

Pentecost 23 Remembrance Day - A redefinition of glory

Pentecost 22 The confrontation is love

Pentecost 21 Ready and robed in the kingdom of God

Pentecost 20 Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's

Pentecost 18 Be even more than you are

Pentecost 13 You are a city on a hall - the task of Christian mission

Pentecost 12 The eternal flame

Pentecost 10 The quality of mercy is not strained

Pentecost 9 Open to God

Pentecost 8 The Spirit intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words

Pentecost 7 For the beauty of the earth

Pentecost 5 Rest for the soul

Pentecost 3 (Saint Peter) The Signature of God

Pentecost 2  Return to the Lord, O my soul

Trinity Sunday  The Kingdom of God

Pentecost The Common Good

Holy Week and Easter

Easter 7  In him we live and move and have our being

Easter 6  The man from Snowy River (children's address)

Easter 5  We are all kings in exile

Easter 4   Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer?

Easter Sunday  First light (cont)

Good Friday  First light

Passion Sunday  Like one from whom people hide their faces



Lent 5 All that matters is to be at one with the living God

Lent 4 Lord who hast form'd me out of mud

Lent 1  Temptation as formation for leadership



Epiphany 8  The Transfiguration

Epiphany 6  Love is patient, love is kind

Epiphany 5  The Wisdom of God

Epiphany 2  Behold the Lamb of God

Epiphany 1  The Baptism of the Lord



Christmas Silent in the Widening Light



 Advent 3 The Presence of the Future


Year C 2016


Pentecost 25  Nothing is so like God as stillness

Pentecost 23  Let the Children Come to Me

Pentecost 20  Community Sunday No man is an island

Pentecost 19  We are more alike than we are unalike

Pentecost 15  Oh Lord it's hard to be humble

Pentecost 14  It's a Magic Wardrobe (Children's Address)

Pentecost 13  The Fiery Spirit of God on the Water

Pentecost 12  All shall be well

Pentecost 11  You can't take it with you

Pentecost 10  Ask, seek, knock

Pentecost 7  Saint Peter and Paul Only for the love of God and in honour of the Apostle

Pentecost 6  Protect me O God

Pentecost 4  Let all mortal flesh keep silence

Pentecost 3  Tis the gift to be simple tis the gift to be free

Pentecost 2  The hills are alive with the sound of music

Pentecost 1  Trinity Sunday The Searing Light of Grace



Easter Sunday  I have walked out in rain and back in rain

Easter 7  That they may be one so that the world may believe

Easter 6  Holy Baptism

Easter 5 See the home of God is with men

Easter 3 The Lord is my Shepherd


Holy Week

Good Friday  Behold the Lamb of God

Maundy Thursday  This is the night of betrayal



Lent 5  The anointing at Bethany

Lent 4  The return of the Prodigal Son

Lent 3  Baptism


Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday  Incurable and unbelieving



Epiphany 5 The transfiguration

Epiphany 2  The Wedding at Cana

Epiphany 2  The voice of the Lord is upon the waters



Christmas Day  Blue homespun and the bend of my breast

Christmas Midnight Mass  Kneeling in Bethlehem

Christmas 2  The Word made Flesh



Advent 4  My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord

Advent 2  The temple of God